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S. I. Warehousing has five locations specializing in warehousing, packaging, drumming, and distribution services in the Houston, TX area. With locations near the Houston ship channel, your product can be transferred to rail or truck easily for distribution around the world.

By calling S. I. Warehousing you benefit from our generations of experience in the transportation industry. We have a strong capacity for integrating and adapting our facilities for your business needs. Dedicated warehouses or shared facilities are available, which includes the resources and equipment necessary to manage your logistic costs.


Our facilities have capacities in excess of 700 million pounds (packaging) and 200 million pounds (drumming) annually.  Our facilities have space for 50+ semi-trailers, 50+ rail and truck receiving doors.

We can process commodities including: dry and liquid products such as PVC and HDPE, plastics, various chemical and food supplements and much more.

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S.I. Warehousing
16643 Jacintoport Blvd
Houston, TX 77015
Phone: (281) 452-9000
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